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Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an intelligent virtual network constructed on existing internet infrastructures. It delivers network content from origin servers to CDN nodes, enabling end users to obtain desired content from the nearest nodes. Therefore, CDN speeds up website response and raises website content availability, breaking through the bottlenecks caused by low bandwidth, heavy user access traffic, and uneven distribution of network nodes.

Over 2500 nodes available across countries.

SOLAR SPEED CDN has over 2,000 acceleration nodes in the Chinese mainland and over 500 acceleration nodes outside the Chinese mainland.


Service areas for SOLAR SPEED CDN include The Chinese Mainland, Outside the Chinese Mainland, and Global. You can add a domain name whose service area is The Chinese Mainland, Outside the Chinese Mainland, or Global on the CDN console.

Don’t worry, we will get rid of it.

If a domain name is attacked, CDN nodes will bear the attack traffic. Therefore, the origin server will not break down. If high-volume DDoS attacks result in node failures, the domain name will be temporarily banned or resolved for retrieval.


HTTPS security acceleration can be used to prevent content hijacking. However, if domain hijacking occurs before accessing the CDN service, CDN cannot detect it.

Because it’s simple, affordable yet effective.

Our CDN service is capable to inject an instant adrenaline to your site to give your site a full boost performance to deliver your application content at split seconds with our international nodes across countries. Besides increasing in performance it also act as an audit to filter out unwanted spams and bot to keep your application safe in sound.

Can’t decide which plan is suitable for your website?

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Can’t decide which plan is suitable for your website?

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