Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Discover commonly asked questions about SolarSpeed’s plans, getting started, and billing in one place. Access the following FAQs to find answers quickly and easily regarding SolarSpeed services, pricing, and how to begin your journey with us.

General Questions - Getting Started with SolarSpeed

What is SolarSpeed? How does SolarSpeed works?

SolarSpeed is a company that offers services to distribute content efficiently across the internet. Our main purpose is to optimize the delivery of web content, such as images, videos, scripts, and other files, to end-users. 


Additionally, SolarSpeed also offer additional features like DDoS protection, security measures, analytics, and caching techniques to enhance the content delivery process.

1. Contact Us

Let us know your preferred plan and we will get your plan ready within an hour.


2. Back Office Provided

Receive a credential to our innovative back office to have full control on your domain and origin management.


3. CNAME Connection Linking

Point your domain to our dedicated CNAME that generated from our back office.


4.  Your Website is Now Supercharged!

Your website now is ready with our supercharged speed and protection by SolarSpeed CDN provider.

The simplest way to familiarize yourself with using SolarSpeed is through our blog sections:

Questions Regarding CDN Services

What is Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an intelligent virtual network constructed on existing internet infrastructures. It delivers network content from origin servers to CDN nodes, enabling end users to obtain desired content from the nearest nodes.


Hence, SolarSpeed provides CDN solutions, help to speed up website response and raises website content availability, breaking through the bottlenecks caused by low bandwidth, heavy user access traffic, and uneven distribution of network nodes.

Over 2500+ nodes are available across different countries.

SolarSpeed CDN have over 2,000 acceleration nodes in the Chinese Mainland and over 500 acceleration nodes outside the Chinese Mainland.


Service areas for SolarSpeed CDN are include The Chinese Mainland, Outside the Chinese Mainland, and Global. You can add a domain name whose service area is The Chinese Mainland, Outside the Chinese Mainland, or Global on the CDN console.

Absolutely Yes!

Our HTTPS security acceleration can be used to prevent content hijacking. However, if domain hijacking occurs before accessing the CDN service, CDN cannot detect it.

Simple, best affordable CDN service and guarantee effective!

In SolarSpeed, we are the best company that provides top-notch web-performing services.

Our CDN service is capable of injecting instant adrenaline into your site to give your site a full boost performance to deliver your application content in split seconds with our international nodes across countries. Besides increasing performance, it also acts as an audit to filter out unwanted spam and also a bot to keep your application safe and sound.

Questions About SolarSpeed Privacy & Security

What is your privacy and security policy?

To view SolarSpeed's privacy and security policy, please visit the following link: 

Legal Questions

Where to locate SolarSpeed's Terms of Service (TOS)?

Kindly visit the provided link to find the Terms of Service of SolarSpeed:

SolarSpeed's Business plan ensures that customers experience no downtime by providing a guarantee of 100% uptime. If any downtime occurs, customers are compensated with a service credit deducted from their monthly fee, based on the duration of disruption and the number of affected customers.


For detailed information, you can refer to the complete Service Level Agreement (SLA) of the Business plan, available at this link:

Can’t decide which plan is suitable for your website?

We'll connect you with a CDN specialist who will confidently design a solution specifically for your business and answer any queries you may have.

Can’t decide which plan is suitable for your website?

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